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Significance of March 16, Kosen Rufu Day

Significance of March 16, Kosen Rufu Day

This year marks the 52nd anniversary of the SGI March 16, Kosen-Rufu Day. On March 16, 1958, Soka Gakkai President Josei Toda rallied 6,000 youths of Japan, and declared that meeting as a dress rehearsal for kosen-rufu. On that occasion, Mr Toda passed the baton of kosen-rufu to the Youth Division, specifically to Mr Ikeda. Hence, the spirit of March 16 is that of the youth standing up to accept the responsibility of working towards world peace and happiness for all humanity. March 16 came to be known as “Kosen-Rufu Day” and thereafter serve as a day for all the SGI members to renew their pledge to build the eternal, indestructible foundation for kosen-rufu.

“I wish to entrust the next 50 years and the succession of kosen-rufu to all of you” said our mentor Dr. Daisaku Ikeda on March 16, 2008 on the 50th anniversary of kosen rufu day, marking it as beginning of the second act of kosen rufu.
The curtain has now risen on the second act of world wide kosen rufu. The crucial moment has arrived. Sensai says “we have now entered the age of my direct disciples. Your time has come. And you, the youth who are the successors of the new age are the foremost of my true disciples whom I have personally instructed and trained.” Kosen rufu is our mission and it is also the most positive and uplifting way to live as a human being and as a practitioner of Daishonin’s Buddhism a way of life symbolizing the victory of mentor and disciples. All we have to do is to get to the point, where whole heartedly chanting Diamoku to the Gohonzon and sharing the Daishonin’s Buddhism with others becomes our second nature.
Those who dedicate themselves to the very end for the cause of kosen rufu and the welfare of others will savor the state of Buddha-hood in life time after life time, being reborn as victors whose lives are pervaded with the good fortune of buddhas.
In Sensei's March 16 Kosen-rufu Day Message last year, 3 concrete points were given concerning the significance of March 16. They were:
1. March 16 is the day of carrying on the fighting spirit to achieve kosen-rufu;
2. The day of rising up valiantly with the pride of champions of justice; and
3. The day of setting forth toward total victory in the shared struggle of mentor and disciple.
In welcoming this day of March 16, let us renew our determination for these 3 points in giving meaning to it in our own respective positions.
Furthermore, Sensei taught that what is most crucial is "this time, now" and "taking action". That in order to gain great victory, "taking action" "now" is vital.


Doyel Mukherjee said...

the literal meaning of kosen-rufu, may seem a bit removed
from daily life.
Growing up, even though I didn’t know what it really meant, I used to think I
had to include “the accomplishment of kosen-rufu” in my chanting goals since I
heard about it over and over at the SGI meetings I attended. I continued chanting
about this goal and began thinking about what it meant to me. I came to the
realization that accomplishing kosen-rufu isn’t something that will happen someday
in the future. It is something that applies to what I am doing right now. Conquering
self-doubt, having hope even in what seems like a no-win situation—if I can live that
way, then I can help others do the same,

Anonymous said...

yes!!this is what this wonderful philosophy is teaching all of us.... to give our best in the present moment since this moment is crucial...and if we conquer our doubts and fill it up with daimoku there is nothing that we cant achieve under the guidance of sensie!!!